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5 reasons why nuts are good for your heart

Bhavyajyoti Chilukoti  | Updated: September 23, 2016 11:02 am

Stock your kitchen with dry fruits and nuts like almonds and walnuts for a healthy heart!


We know that eating nuts can keep your heart healthy. But do you know what makes these nuts good for the heart? Nuts like walnuts and almonds are recommended after heart surgery, says Dr Nilesh Gautam, Senior Interventional Cardiologist, Head of Department of Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation at the Asian Heart InstituteHere we explain what types of nuts should find a place in your diet for a healthy heart. Also, read about 10 things that guarantee a healthy heart.
Omega-3 fats: Although commonly found in fish, omega-3 fatty acids are also present in nuts. These fatty acids contain low amounts of saturated fats and high amount of polyunsaturated fats, which prevents heart attacks. It also helps in the regulation of blood pressure and hence, lowers your risk of heart disease.
Fibre: The presence of fibre in nuts not only helps in lowering the cholesterol but also improves blood lipid levels. Moreover, fibre also lowers the risk of other contributing factors like diabetesobesity and blood pressure, which can put you at risk of heart disease.
Antioxidants: Nuts also contain good amounts of antioxidants like vitamin E which prevents the development of plaque formation which can increase your risk of chest painatherosclerosis or heart disease. It also flushes our harmful toxins from the body which can harm the heart in the long run.
L-arginine: In addition to folic acid and magnesium, dry fruits and nuts like almonds also contain L-arginine, a type of amino acid, which improves the heart health by enhancing the functioning of the arteries and also improves blood flow. It also lowers your risk of blood clots, which can lead to heart attack.
Unsaturated fats: Another reason why nuts are known to be healthy for the heart is the presence of unsaturated fats. Unlike saturated fats that can lead to cholesterol deposition, unsaturated fats are rich in good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol), which improves heart functioning and thus, prevents your risk of heart disease.
This doesn’t mean that you add nuts to everything you eat. Just a handful of nuts in a day is what helps you to reap the benefits. And if you are at risk of heart disease or had a heart surgery, avoid intake of calorie-dense nut like cashew nuts, pistachios and also raisins. Here’s more on foods you should avoid if suffering from heart disease.
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